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Castle Combe Spring Action day - 25th April

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In answer to the question I did not take my Golf but I did get to go out as a passenger in the Yeti, it is incredible and it certainly made a few people with high spec cars feel a little inferior.

 Weather stayed dry and CC have resurfaced the circuit, all nasty bumps have gone, new surface has given better grip too.


 My Golf will be at Bedford next Saturday for HOW FAST, there is still a few places left on our session, it is reserved for just Briskoda, let me know if you fancy it.

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I fancy it but not this time. had quite rough last few weeks preparing for a black belt exam in taekwondo :ph34r:  and constant luck of time for my rado, so i've got quite long list things to sort out and besides that dragging my car off to any track-related events 2 weeks before going to the ring is not the smartest idea ;)  but if you know about any free spaces at the events organising by briskoda june - october time feel free to pm me :)


a few conclusions after Saturday at Combe

* 60% chances of rain predicted by BBC on a Friday night means take your sunnies and t-shirt B) 
* you know you got the best club stand when everything what you have to do is pull out a camp chair, sit and watch who and 

   how fast can crash on the nearest corner :P 
* 90% cars on the track are turbo charged
* it has to be quite nerve wracking when your car stopped accross the track and you can't start it on, but it's so much fun to 

   compare which car has the shortest breaking distance or who can drive with the hihgest speed through the grass

* everyone's trying to go for a midday session' so better save you time (couldn't be arsed and wait in a long que people waiting

  for their turn) and  go for early or late. use the time you have just saved to watch the crowed on the track
* car enthusiasts love weed (every second person walking by my chair seems to smoke something and it deffo wasn't ciggs ;-) )

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