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Next car decisions

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Choices between a mk3 syncro- mulberry highline mk3

Blackberry vr corrado

Or a Honda s2000

Got my mk3 for runs to work and hard abuse

just a car for actual occasional use

If I get the syncro I'd use my mk3 to convert it to rhd etc

Mulberry or blackberry as I like the colours

S2000 rwd convertible hooliganism

If I had more cash if get an evo6

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I know the standard engine has forged Pistons and steel liners I think, and stap a blower on with reliable performance but I'd keep it standard with BMC cda a quiet cruiser

You seen the videos on YouTube of them pushing 700bhp on a standard engine lol

But then a mk3 with 24v and haldex be fun too

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Oil changes ain't to bad mate tbh . Oil is th blood of the engine got to use quality stuff . It was the cost of a set of decent race pads and disks on a rs4 that put me off . I'd love one tbh they really are stinking bits of kit , a mate has the rs6 with the lambo engine in . Last summer in Spain 5 up 180 all day lol it's had a few tweeks and doing around 750 bhp only down side it's an auto . I bloody hate autos !!!

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Well I'm going to pick up the zafira next Sunday not quite the mid life crisis car but it's got a blower lol

Going to do the clutch new falkens all round and hopefully a front mount intercooler whilst I'm up there

Then I think I'm gonna take the golf off road if I can get enough poke from the Zafira

At the moment I'm gonna have to give up the rotrex to a mate to give kids a treat over summer holidays not happy

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