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Golf Hybrid...

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... in particular the new Golf GTE, it has a 1.4 turbo petrol engine, a washing machine motor linked to DSG and front wheel drive.

What caught my eye was the fact it has 35g/km emissions meaning it will cost me hardly anything on my company car tax and it is only 1/10th of a second slower than the GTD Golf to 62mph, with a fairly impressive 7.6 seconds, it also has a claimed 188mpg which I am sure will be more like 60mpg in daily use.


 This is a true plug in hybrid with all the looks of a GTi/GTD Golf, has anybody bought one or test driven one?  



 Here is a link to a autoexpress LINK




 As much I would like the Golf R, I am looking at the GTE as it will only cost about £90 a month on company car tax where as the "R" will cost £400+         

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Must admit I do like the idea of these hybrids the wife is looking at the A3 etron which is pretty much the same car,

Clocks arn't digi but cool all the same,



loads going on under the bonnet,



Power unit in bits


Under the skin,



Will never sound like a VR but I suppose that's progress I just keep telling myself that it could be worse I could be two generations younger and be even closer to relectrickery domination........

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You have to admit though, 1.4 150bhp is a usable daily driver, you look at the images above you can see a real nightmare for anybody who buys this car secondhand in 15 years time!  Forums like this will be overrun with Help Me my electric motor has died, or Where can I buy a battery from type threads.


Lets see what happens after I have had a test drive, cars arrive in the UK in April so not too long to wait.

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I got my hands on a Golf GTE today, I have it until Wednesday this week and so far have travelled 20 miles from work to home and did not use a drop of petrol!

 I have to say I am surprised at how good the car is, typical German build quality and even when driven in pure electric mode we easily kept up with the flow of traffic on a mixed road commute home, a bit of A63, M1, A1 and A64, traffic light grand prix and then cruise control on the motorway, this is adaptive and keeps a safe distance from the car in front if it is going slower or if the traffic slows, tomorrow we will try out the GTE button to see how it really goes when petrol and electricity combine to give 201 PS.



 Meanwhile we are charging from the plug in the house so this could take a while  emoticon-0113-sleepy.gif










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