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Newbie to VR6OC, looking for another VR6/R32

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Hi Guys,
Just browsing the net for a new ride! getting bored of my 3rd diesel in a row after owning GTI & VR's. dirol.gif 
Skoda Superb Elegance (+L&K) DSG is great but just got the Mrs a 61 reg Touran 1.6 DSG...

So I no longer need a diesel.
Looking to P/X or sell and get a V6...
Its either bk to old skool with a Mk2 Vr6 or Mk3 Vr6
or go for a mk4/5 R32... ( budget is around 5k, dont wanna spend every penny i have on a car. I have a small family and business to run which are getting bigger)

I dont wanna splash out on this new car or be taking it to the garage every 3 months for repairs...

So, help.gif please advise guys, some of you are on your 3rd VR6.....
and im not sure which one will keep me happy and nobody is going to let me test drive all 3 and then say no.

P.s. I have a beautiful Rado VR6 (65k) in blackberry in my garage which is for the sunny days only. wub.png 
So I cant use that. I need a good solid car that will get me to work and back which is 20 miles a day round trip. ph34r.png 

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Only coming across companies outside the Midlands.

Archenemy and arch werx.

It maybe worth the travel mate to find someone experienced in arch rolling. There's loads out there who are willing to have a go at it because they've bought a £100 machine off eBay but I'd certainly want mine doing properly. If your arches are already in tip-top condition you want them staying that way. What about a little camber? Wouldn't that do the trick.

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