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part hunt!

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need the following of anyone has any- all for a 95 Corrado VR6 Storm.

Alloy and plastic engine covers- with bolts, mine were butchered by some-one who doesnt know a star drive from an allen drive! Heathen savage, huge spanner rash fitting the coil pack as I couldnt get the covers off- made it though!

near side fog light,

parcel shelf plaggy thing that lifts it up


is there a tool for fitting the leads to the plugs? if so I will need one of those too!





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Parcel shelf straps.





Same part number/size/fitment as the Corrado so fit perfectly.  Have a set fitted to one of mine.  ;)


There should be a plastic spark plug lead tool fitted to your bonnet stay.  They're not very good to be honest as there is too much flex when pushed down or spun round to grip the leads, so you'd be better off getting a metal one from ebay.  


Ask someone breaking a Corrado (plenty on the corrado forum) for a fog light.  You'll pay an ob"scene" price if you get one from ebay unless one comes up with a low start price and you get lucky.  (Although to be fair, I did, twice!)  

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