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Some of you will know me from on here and VR60c meets years ago, some of you won't (think my original VR6oc Number was 007!)

Had a lot of people ask and PM me where this cars been of late, so thought I'd add this in here. After being off the road for 5 years due to a nut coming loose from the Shrick divertor valve and going through the engine, totally destroying my low mileage mint engine I lost interest in the money pit and had other projects on the go, so the car sat in the garage for 5 years generally being in the way! So after a full Low Comp engine rebuild, Stage 2 Vortech, (The Z-Engineering chargers now on my Mk2) new interior etc. Thought it was a good day to have a little play with the VR and made a little vid just to prove I still have the car!







Still running it in :( and as you can see the custom exhaust still has a bit of oil in it from when the last engine went bang! Hoping to get to a meet or 2 this year in the Mk3 or the Mk2.

Can't thank Jon and Ryan at VRT in Slough (VRTonline.co.uk) enough for all their help and taking the petrol and matches out of my hands a few times over the last year!









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Nice motor!!! Sounds amazing what bhp is it??


Thanks mate, its a complete down to the last nut and bolt top and bottom end built up Low Comp. engine so I'm currently still running it in, before the bigger 630 Siemens injectors and final mapping, so no idea on full potential yet. Looking forward to seeing what Vince at Stealth can get out of it though as its now a Vortech Stage 2 charger set up. Was running 288bhp on the Z-Engineering charger and standard engine before.


Welcome back (again) Simon

Looking and sounding great. Nearly run my new engine in. 500 miles to go. Can't wait give it the big foot.


Cheers Pete, feel like a right Newbie! Running it in is so painful, tempted to just hire a rolling road for a couple of hours, lol.


Hi Simon, what are those wheels fella? Your car looks and sounds ace.


Wheels are RH ZW1's originally 8x17, but I've rebuilt them to 8.5x17 on the front and 9x17 on the rear with Stainless outers and bolts etc... ;)


Stunning car :)


Thanks mate, had to double take when I saw your plate on instagram! Ironically I almost got that plate at the same time as i got the L8 one to sell on!


Glad to see you still have this! I remember reading your full build thread, years ago on E38 :) one of my first mk3 inspirations to take my car further!


Cheers Dan. I'd forgottten I'd even done a build thread for it, was so long ago! I imagine that's well and truly deleted in the archives by now!


Good work Simon you must have been tempted to sell it more than once.


LOL, I don't think I'd ever sell it complete as I've had it so long (about 17years!) would just be too weird seeing someone else drive it! I did get as far as stripping the interior out and removing wheels and suspension to sell it all in bits though! More than once its almost been a BBQ too, as had a nightmare with the first replacement engine, before going full on with this Low Comp. one


Blast from the past!

Always liked the VR way back when


Good to see some familiar faces/names still on here, loving the R32 Turbo! Thats a real step up! :wub:



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But full respect for not throwing towel in with all the frustration simon



Believe me I've been more than tempted to sell it in bits once or twice with all the grief its given me!



Lovely stuff fella! :)



Thanks mate. Is that your camper in your sig? Don't suppose its the same one at the Pod about 12 years ago that was doing sponsored drag runs all day with a big toy/manequin in the passengers seat? Was very rapid!



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