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January 2015 car of the month!

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Welcome to the first of this years "car of the month". This one goes to Richie Caldwell or richierich37 as he's known on the forum. I'm sure some of you would have already seen the build thread on Richies car, and if you have you'll be able to appreciate the time, effort, patience and not mention money he's ploughed into building a simplistic but truly one off mulberry highline! From the seats and interior, right down to the sump, no stone has been left unturned, and Richie himself admits one of his most favoured features is in fact the painted sump!! I told him he was wrong and it is actually the tartan booster seat

All things considered it's only taken him around 12 months to build. Here's a bit from the man himself

Vr6oc car of the month

The person behind the car.

Name: Richie Caldwell.

Forum user name: Richierich37.

Age: 38.

Occupation: Senior Contracts Manager.

Location: Glasgow.

Hobbies: None......now the kids are here!!!

Likes: Eating Sweets.

Dislikes: Liars.

Car questions

First car?: 85 VW Polo breadvan.

Current car?: 64 VW Mk7 Golf GTD.

Dream car?: 57 VW Beetle.

Other cars owned?: Mk1,2,3,4,5 Golfs, VW Splittie, Vw Passat CC, VW Beetle, Subaru Impreza, Seat Ibiza, Mercedes E, CLK there are plenty more but my old brain is hurting trying to remember!!!

What got you into Dubs?: Santa Pod VW festivals.

Best feature on your car?: Tartan.

Future modifications?: None, I'm done with cars!!!!

Favourite other member's car?: Dougies mellow yellow.

General Stuff

1. Blonde or Brunette? Brunette.

2. Takeaway or home cooked? Takeaway.

3. Tea or Coffee? Tea.

4. Euro look or USA look? Hmmmm!

5. Soap or Documentary? Documentary.

6. Mates or Dates? Mates.

7. Pubs or Clubs? House!

8. Sun seeker or Thrill seeker? None I'm afraid!!!

9. Lager or Spirits? Sober for 8 years!!!

10. Dogs or Cats?: Dogs.

11. Night out or Couch potato? Couch potato.

12. All Go or All Show? Bit of both would be nice.

13. Winter or Summer? Summer.

14. Tattoos or Piercings? Tattoos.

15. Football or Rugby? Football.

List of modification:

Panels, Paint, Engine bay, Brakes, Suspension, Exhaust, Seats, Wheels etc etc etc........

Your experience of the car(ups and downs)

Tbh a pretty straight forward restoration, proper good base and have built a simple car.

Airlift V2 controller packed in along with the manifold 2 weeks after it was fitted, now one of the struts has broke!!!!








When asked if there was anything he wasn't happy with about the whole build, his answer was "it doesn't get used enough!" Point well made I think.

You've built a cracking car Richie, well done mate.

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