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Hi to everybody, followed VR6OC from year, but now i decides to introduce myself:


Name: Jaime (Like JImmy or James) Luna
Occupation: IT Tech
Country: Mexico
Cars: Tornado Red Mk3 VR6 + Beige (dont know the oem color name :P ) Mk1 Caddy Vr6 ( My dad is the owner) still in process.

We've owned few Vr6's nothing so cool, just Vr6's all of them already sold :P :

1 Black 98 mk3 vr6 jetta

1 Brown Mk1 caddy Vr6
1 passat 35i (B4) vr6
1 Black 95 mk3 Vr6 Jetta

Well Few pictures from my Facebook albums:




and the jetta still in process, almost beggining with the bodywork by myself :)





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Thanks Guys.


Davey and J, we have plenty of shows all the year long with a lot of alcohol for sure haha.

Mexican Scene is big now, a lot of great examples out there, R36 swaps on mk2's, Vr6 swaps on mk1, mk2... lot of them.

Theres even a Bug with an Audi 4.2l engine. a lot of mk3 vr6 SC, turbo, bagged cars... etc etc.

You should take a look on the mexican scene, it's pretty cool now.

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I once took an RS4 out for a burst which belonged to a work colleague, I can only imagine how that engine must feel in a beetle!!

Needless to say he had rid of it after a month after he totaled up his fuel bill, which to say was slightly more than he anticipated is an understatement!

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