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Club Event: GTI International 2015 Shakespeare County Raceway - 04 Jul 2015 through 05 Jul 2015 (Ranged Event)

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I'd like to say I'm definitely coming but at the moment the vr's annoying me a lot and I don't think it's going to be running 100% by then so probably won't be able to make it, unless I come in the gti again but I can't do another show without the vr!

No worries Ben. Be good if you can make it though if you manage to get things sorted mate.

Hopefully we will see you there pal

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She would be bored to tears H, the better half just about pokes up with my collection of vehicles and Defo won't want to look at anyone else's motor...... Unless it's a near perfect mulberry with low

I hope so... Just made a new purchase...

Looking forward to this!! I know I'm virtually an unknown on this forum

Errr, sorry chaps, I've got to pull the plug on this due to family commitment.

Normally I like to live on the edge, you know exciting in yer face type stuff, not a care in the world but..... I discovered today, and then remembered Sunday the 5th is my anniversary type thing to my better half.

I can't risk a step outside a radius of 20 ft of the Mrs or else I might need that spare bedroom of bennyk's.

I'm well pee'd off but what can I do?!

Suggestions are welcome!

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Hey peeps! I'm there all weekend with Altered DNA (my local club), so won't be suprise if you see rado with vr6oc sticker not on the right club stand ;-) but will pop in to say hello :-) And a bit off topic question does anyone who's going to Inters get a spare round plastic cover to adjust the seat (driver's side) and the plasticky bit which let you to fold down the seat (I've broken mine a while ago) for sale?

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Morning Chaps,

Well unfortunately I'm not gonna be there either due to running issues with my car.

After an oil and plug change my car decided to run like a bag of old spanners. I tried and tried to rectify it but still no joy.


Helen (HVR6) will still be there along with other members of the crew.

Don't forget we love pictures so anyone with a camera don't be shy.

Have a good day.

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