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Nezzi's 8v GTI soon to be VR6

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Well finally got my finger out and brought my VR lump down to the garage at the house. So went out to the garage for half an hour or so tonight to make a start stripping it for a rebuild. Its been sat a while but turned over so easily. Hopefully get some progress over the next week or so. Plan is strip down and clean the block/head/gearbox then paint before rebuilding with alot of new parts lol. May stick some cams in while im at it if i can pick some up for decent money.





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Well bit more work on the engine tonight, bit ott with the pictures but wanted to keep track of it all and some people may like seeing them? lol. Any way, cylinder head off tonight. Still one or 2 wee bits to come off like the water pump and oil cooler.


Job for this weekend is to get the block and head cleaned up. Paint the block, head and gearbox then make a start getting it all back together. Head Gasket, Bolts and new crank seals will be here tomorrow as well.












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Progress has been nonexistent due to my birthday yesterday and the inconvenience that is work! However back on it tomorrow so should get the head painted and back on the block, can then start to get things built back up.

I did manage to have my Brother in law blast these 2 mounts, some other things going to him this week to get blasted as well. Question is should I give them a coat of paint of do they not need painted??


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So not updated this in a while but been busy refurbing the RC's for this year. So far I'm half way through but like so many times before a set of wheels popped up at reasonable money and couldn't say no! 



Loved these for ages! So be a quick spruce up with some silver paint and already have some tyres and various width adapters sitting there. VR6 rebuild is nearing completion as well but that will most likely get put in over the winter as I really want to get out and drive it this year! Sadly the RC's will be getting sold ( advert to follow once they are finished )


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Thought I would post some pictures of how the car is sitting just now. Finally got some motivation back to finish the engine rebuild and get it in the car, will have more updates over the next few weeks.









Wheels ideally need blasted and powder coated and still need to properly sort the ride height, I have added some fake all red rears as well. Slowly getting somewhere near decent though it’s sat about so long it needs some work bring the paint back up for next year.

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