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HOW TO: Organising Local Meets

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A guide to organising local meets:


If there is not a local meet in your area and you would like to help get involved and organise one, then we have some helpful tips for you :)


1) Choose a region / area you would to cover.


2) Identify a car / meet friendly location (check with owners if small meets are ok) pubs have always been popular as can meet up for a beer / food!


3) Choose a re-occurring date (perhaps first or last Sunday of the month or an evening during the week).


4) Use our members map to see other members who are in the area you wish to cover and contact them to get them involved  http://www.vr6oc.com/forum/membermap


5) Create a forum post with all the details (location, time, who's going etc...), keep it updated and promote your meet.


6) Get Social! Why not post your meet on the VR6OC Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1394826800737154/) or create your own group and keep people engaged in the meet and it makes it easier to welcome other people to your local meet! :)


Hope this helps, if anyone else has any top tips then get sharing :)



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