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Hi fellas, I'm looking to upgrade the speakers in the vr, has anyone any experience of changing out the factory speakers for aftermarket? Do you know what manufacturer has a direct replacement? I don't need banging tunes, I just would like to listen to music without the farting noise that my speakers make currently.

Thanks in advance

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I got Inphase components, I think they were xtc8 or something like that, in the fronts and the door speakers only needed a small section of the edge metal flattening to fit the stock grilles back over, the stock tweeter mounts needed gutting and turning upside down to give clearance but it was easy and has given awesome sound with totally stock looks and I'm all about the OEM+

I have an old JBL twin 10" self contained sub tube in the boot bringing up the bass. It's totally acceptable.

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I had Rainbow 3 way speakers with crossovers 16cm in the doors mounted from behind then 10cm midrange in the dash with tweeters at the top of the A post with the Blaupunkt 3 way rear shelf supports with a single kicker L5 sub running of a Genesis 5 channel amp .

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