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Just bought these alloys on eBay and waiting for them to be delivered. I want to buy tyres on line too so they got here at the same time. Not sure what tyres are needed though.


Anyone know what tyre size these need?


I've read on line that standard 6.5x16 are 205/55/16. Is this correct?


Thanks in advance :)


A pic: $(KGrHqFHJFQFEMbLcnqJBRjBLLZ8Cw~~60_12.J

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Think that's the size for mk4 golfs as Marneus says 205/45/16 google tyre bible that gives all the info you need for tyre sizes and offsets

I checked that site out earlier. Wasn't clear on what tyre I needed. I understand what the different markings mean but just wasn't sure what size to get for these alloys. 

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Go to page 4 the standard wheel and tyre size is 205/50/15


Difference in circumference:76.61mm or 4.33%
So when your speedo reads 70mph, you're actually travelling at 73.03mph





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