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Organising Regional / Local Meets

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Cheers mate spot on , should be ok for that supposed to be at scooby clinic day before , but will just give that a miss ,

A while ago, we had members who arranged local meets in different areas on a monthly basis and this was great for getting more people getting involved with the club and also attending our bigger meets

Sorry it's Krispy creme not dunkin doughnuts Doh !! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Lol . I like vws mate my mrs loves them she owned a Gti 8v mk3 and two vr6 golfs before even passing her test . I've just been a jap fan for years having owned 6 scoobs few supras rx7s etc etc few evos an all I like any car truth be told if it has quality work and done nice . The problem subarus now have is because of the cost of one has dropped drastically . A very large chav factor is getting into them . Pity really but such is life

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