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As many of our members regularly take part in drag racing and other motorsport events, I thought I'd create this section so we can post in.

Contributions to this section to get it off the ground appreciated, so get posting :D

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Ok here's my contribution

Mk1 Caddy vr6 turbo with 4motion, this last season 2013 I was running 401bhp and 400ftlbs of torque.

My best time of the season was an 11.4 second but this next year I'm aiming for a 10second 1/4 so currently changing/upgrading pretty much all of the engine,cooling and turbo and pushing for 550-600bhp or basically as much as I can get!

Here's a nice vid from gti international of me racing a 6.3 AMG Merc on drag slicks, not my best time as it was about 32degrees!

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I'm not spinning all 4 wheels yet and Im running federal rsr's. Planning on fitting a quaiffe diff at some point aswell.

Im running Omex management and launch control is an option but it's not proper launch control it's just an ignition cut. Maybe next year I will upgrade my management!

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