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Central locking/alarm module

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Chaps, I have a Mk1 VW Sharan VR6  R reg.


My central locking & alarm failed yesterday.


I thought classic water in the seatwell and a soggy control unit but nope - bone dry.


These are the symptoms :


No central locking via the key (never had fob remote) Drivers door, passenger door & rear tailgate will only open mechanically with the key.


The rear 2 passenger doors are permanantley locked - wont open from inside or outside.


The petrol flap is open (the pin is at the rear all the time).


No courtesy light system working   ie usually remove key & all comes on or even opening a door - nothing comes on. The mechanical switches on the lights work ok.


The control box under the seat clicks rapidly (like a stuck relay) but intermittantley - remove the fuse & obviously stops but also isolates all the courtesy lights etc.


Removed the control box today - all looks good, no obvious signs of damange or water ingress etc.


So - do these control units (7MO962257J) just blow ?


The only other clue is the usual problems of the tailgate wiring chaffing and breaking but all have been repaired, one did work loose again so maybe shorted out - earthed ?  would that blow the control unit ?


If I have to buy a new one que sera - but any tests first to see if I have missed anything ?


Thanks for your help :-)

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