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VW Action @ Santapod - Friday 30th August - Sunday 1st September

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Hey guys and girls

This reunion is getting pretty big now, more than i expected! Its going to be awesome!

I need definite names of who is coming and booked tickets so we can sort out enough club camping.

Please go to the facebook event I set up and click attending if you have booked your tickets... https://www.facebook.com/events/529671417099432/

Or add me as a friend and I will invite you https://www.facebook.com/VR6Nat

If you're not on facebook please write on here.


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wbx6dan is coming / family campling

dlea is coming family camping

micheal55556 coming, club camping.

We have until the 21st July to firm up numbers, there is usually a last minute rush with people putting there names down.

I only created the event registration page yesterday too :)

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Nice one Pete!

cool dads drinking beer and vws im in!

If Dlea getting there early on friday is there going to be a club flag? or a big race truck? to home in on as it will probably be dark by the time we get there!

cheers Dan

Hi Mate, Yes there is :)https://www.facebook.com/15DegreeRacing?fref=ts

Check out there page (like it too :) ) for photos of the cars etc... You wont miss it! the mulberry highline wouldn't look out of place on Edition 38 :)

Looking forward to sinking some beers Saturday Night!

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evening i might have dragged another t25 in from the brickyard !

not 100 % sure if he will want to tag on but as its wednesday cut off thought id chuck it up here he said he would keep an eye out for us but hell the more the merrier right!

and ive got my talking "HULK hands" coming i might have to fashion them into some kind of a beer mit!!


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Well done mate that's a cracking time for a n/a VR. I got my new pb on Saturday aswell 11.4 finish at 125mph and managed 18 runs just on the Saturday!

Looking to get into the 10s for gti festival in October now.

Silver/grey mk1 Caddy by the way.

Absolutely loved your Caddy mate! Was chatting to you in the queue in the pits for a bit, you mightn't remember though

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