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I would like to say that Awesome-GTI absolutely live up to their name, they are AWESOME!

I ordered new R32 ARB and Poly bush's from them on Wednesday morning and was told that they would be with me for the weekend, ok happy days.

I then got a call from them on Thursday morning saying there had been a problem and their supplier had sent the wrong rear ARB and the supplier had no one to drive the correct part to Awesome until Friday meaning that l wouldn’t have my part by the weekend as needed! He said he had tried everything he could think of but there was nothing the supplier could do.

I explained to the guy on the phone that with the funds already being allocated by my bank l would be unable to order from else where for the weekend and said l would call them back.

When l called back, the guy l spoke to (must find out his name!) said to help me with the problem he would *personally* drive to the supplier and collect the rear ARB (not something they normally do! (Understandably)) and get it in the post to make sure my order would arrive by the weekend.

Now that is customer service! using his own time and fuel to fix a problem that was not of his doing, all to make sure l have the parts for the weekend to get the work done!

I could not ask for more from any company and this goes far beyond the “usual†customer service you get from a lot of companies these days

So in short Awesome-GTI are HIGHLY recommended in my book and l will definitely use them again! :)

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