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Right ladies and gents.

I'm after people's opinions and preferences on 4wd set up. I'm basically going to be converting a mk1 caddy to 4wd and I'm not completely sure on the best options as far as what axle, diff, haldex, syncro etc

Opinions please.

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I've converted my mk1 caddy to 4wd. It's a mix of 4motion running gear with mk2 golf rallye rear subframe.

Whichever way you do it prepare for alot of fabrication as everything needs modifying to fit!

If I was to do it again I would think about using the Audi Quattro system instead so it would be a true 4wd all the time.

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Here's a few pics but I do have a full thread on caddy forum.


The frame I made to bolt the subframe to and is welded into the caddy


This is it welded in and painted


Rear suspension turrets made and welded in


Tunnel cut out for the propshaft


Tunnel welded back in 3" higher


There was loads more to do but you get the idea.

I'm running a 12v vr6 obviously with a turbo and I've also fitted the vr6 front subframe to mount the engine on.

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Poo sorry mate i completely forgot. Ive got one just of the rear subframe, and diff e.t.c its not the best pic but you get the gist.

Im just a bit concerned that because its from a passat it might be a bit wider, i'll measure it and see if i can get the measurements for other subframes.


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