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jims new mk2 golf gti 8v

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well, its been a bit as i been busy doing this and that , but i;ve decided to give my mk4 tdi to my wife and sell her astra , and use the funds from that to get me a new / old car.

so last sunday i picked up a j plate 8v gti.. 1 owner from new, tax and mot

now its got a few problem shall we say, and it was advertised on the bay o E with most of them , such as.

doors not locking

boot not opening

car dont idle

car jerks under throttle

exhaust blowing

now that is what he said . i found the following

door dont lock as every door card has been off and the lock mechs butchered.

boot dont open for the same reason

car dont idle as it had a broken dip stick holder and the pipe on the breather to rocker cover was missing

a massive hole in the subframe at the front

suspension fecked

one bald tyre

misfire at 3k - 4k in any gear

leads and cap fecked

passenger seal holed in door shut area

no blue temp sender unit .. well thats why it dont rev properly .

over the past few days i fixed all of it bar the subframe. i picked one of those of for 55 quid , inc a full piper stainless system , which i'm fitting tonight in a bit

and ive just bagged some bilsteins and a few other bits for 30 quid.. result .

ill post some pics of it as i go .

its now in a much better state than it was, bodywork aint to bad and will be easy to sort .

future plans include a new engine.. i m thinking 24v , no idea if n/a or charged as yet

i must say i really do like it, and im sure it wont be going anywhere for a good few years .

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