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Trying hard not to fall in love with this 1972 Dub!!

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I know its not a VR but its a cracking little thing to drive!

A mate of mine had this little number laying in his front yard looking tired while a his pride an old MG took the cosy spot in the garage! I told him I would love to detail it and so it ended up on my drive!



Rear 1/4 the whole car was like this dull and faded


I know she is rusty in places etc but it oozes character. I never thought I liked these cars until today!






I think he will be selling it now lol I should cancel the wedding and buy it!

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Def mate I will pop over with the family in my awesome VR! Send her and the kids off to the future inlaws! Pop up and give that "tuner" of yours a proper detail!

Have you come to terms with selling it yet? My logbook came Friday too cheers!

The bugs range from £1500 to about £4000 on this year! Obviously the more original the better this little unit should fetch around £2000 though. Tax exempt too but its just awesome to drive..

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yeah i have got over selling it for the time being.

got genuine bbs ch on the leon now and next month im hoping to lower 40mm then milltek. some knob drove into the back of me the other day in shrewsbury, i was actually relieved i wasnt in the vr6. no damage except a couple of paint chips in rear bumper.

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