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I use the "What's New" feature every time I come onto the forum but for the past week and a half/two weeks or so, every time I do so it only shows me the last 10 new posts, whereas before it showed all the posts since I was last on. Anything i can do or am doing wrong? Mostly on iPad but same happens on my laptop when in work during the day.

Just making you admin guys aware if you are not already...not complaining either!



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hi buddy, how are you accessing this?

You can get to it from clicking your name in the userbar and selecting "click here to see new items" and also from Forum > "What's New?"

This display the new items since you last logged in, you can get to recent activity through Forum > "Recent Activity"

all of this uses a totally different bit of code from the original problem so just interested to know a bit more about this :)

It will display the last 50 items, currently.... looking to extend this further.

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It's mostly from iPhone Pete using this link which appears in the address bar at the top from my browsing history. The link i use is here - http://www.vr6oc.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum.php?new I prefer to do it that way because it comes up like this


Otherwise if I use the what's new option on the home page it comes up like this which I find more awkward to read, although it does show all new posts


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