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Meet The Moderators.

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Name: Pete Leese
Forum user name: VR6Pete
Age: 28
Occupation: UAM Technical Assurance
Current car: Corrado VR6 (OBD2)
Location : Stoke-on-Trent
All show or All go : All go
Position : Owner.


Name: Craig Robinson
Forum user name: craggsy
Age: 38 again and again and again
Occupation: Retail sales
Current car: R32 Turbo & Ford Focus
Location : Leicester
All show or All go : Deffinately all go
Position : The Daddy Moderator


Name: Helen Roberts
Forum user name: hvr6
Age: 33
Occupation: Operations Manager, University of the Arts London
Current car: MK3 Golf VR6 Highline and Polo GTi
Location : London/Herts
All show or All go : Both!!
Position : Moderator / Events / Secretary


Name: Jim Potter
Forum user name: Jim Potter
Age: 36 and counting
Occupation: self employed
Current car: VR6 Turbo and T25 camper van
Location : Essex
All show or All go : Mainly go, but planning to make it more show this year
Position : Moderator


Name: Jake Fronda
Forum user name: Rednek Racing
Age: 35
Occupation: PoolBoy
Current car: VRT Mk2 & TT32T
Location : South
All show or All go : Go Go Go
Position : Moderator


Name: Mark Williams
Forum user name: Bungy
Age: 41
Occupation:Royal Navy
Current car: 4motion
Location : Southampton
All show or All go :Both
Position : Moderator/ Discounts


Name: Natalie
Forum user name: VR6 Nat
Age: 27
Occupation: Aerospace design engineer, livery yard manager & horse trader
Current car: Mk3 Golf VR6, Mk2 Golf 1.6cl, 1969 Beetle
Location : Essex
All show or All go : Mainly show with a bit of go
Position : Moderator/ Discounts


Name: Nigel (Gregg)
Forum user name : The Goth
Age: 43!!
Occupation: Software & Electronics Engineer
Current Car: Bex - Dizzy VR6 Golf
Location: Cambridge
All go or All Show: Keeping her on the road is enough for me.
Position : Moderator/ Head Admin


Name: Tony Walter
Forum user name: TonyVRT
Age: 30
Occupation: Mechanic
Current car: VR6 Turbo 4mo and T5 van
Location : Gravesend
All show or All go : All Go and no show (well a little showing off maybe)
Position : Moderator / Events / Club shop




Name: David Kemp
Forum user name: Daverse
Age: 21
Occupation: Self Employed: Chimney Sweep / Window Cleaner
Current car: Vauxhall Combo and VW Golf VR6

Location : Lincoln
All show or All go : showing off while going!!
Position : Moderator



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