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Just to give peeps a heads up as I know a few of you need to book holiday time as far in advance as possible so here are the released show dates for 2012 so far :)


DubFreeze: 19th http://www.dubfreeze.co.uk/



Janspeed VR6OC Rolling Road day 3rd http://www.vr6oc.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?458034

Volksworld Show: 24th-25th http://www.volksworld.com/vwshow.html

Ultimate Dubs: 11th http://www.ultimate-dubs.co.uk/

Dubshed 25th http://www.gtini.com/index.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=13668

Dubaid 2 30th march -- 1st april.. http://dubaid.co.uk/



Early Edition:22nd http://www.edition38...howtopic=408727

VW Action SW: 13th-15th http://www.vwaction.com/index.html

GTi Spring Festival: 22nd http://www.vwaction.com/gtispring/l

Elemental VW: 14th http://www.elemental...k/show-info.php

Elsecar Mega Meet: TBC

Bus Types: 20th-22nd http://www.bus-types.co.uk/

Big Bang: 27th-29th http://www.big-bang.co.uk/



Woertherse: 16th-19th http://www.woertherseetreffen.at/

VanWest: 11th-13th http://www.vanwest.net/

All-Types: TBC http://www.all-types.co.uk/

Battlesbridge VW Show: 11th-13th http://www.essexveedubbers.org.uk/

Dubs at the park: 20th http://www.dubsatthepark.co.uk/

Volksfling: 25th-27th http://www.volksfling.co.uk/



Run to the Sun: 1st-4th http://www.runtothesun.co.uk/

Plymouth Volksfest: 1st-5th http://www.plymouthvolksfest.co.uk/home/in...3234d23397c2775

Dub Mania: 2nd-3rd http://www.dubmania....ml/dm_home.html

Bristol Volksfest: 8th-10th http://www.bristolvolksfest.co.uk/

Deva Dub and Rods: 8th-10th http://www.devadubshow.co.uk/

Stoner Park: 5th http://abvwcuk.moonf...park/4556505737

The Bus Stop Over: TBC http://www.thebusstopover.com/

GTi International: 23rd-24th http://www.gtiinternational.co.uk/

Deutsch Connection: TBC http://www.deutschco...tion.com/forum/

Goodwood Festival of Speed: 29th June - 1st July http://www.goodwood....estivalofspeed/



National Mk2 Golf Owners Meet: 8th

Bug Jam: 20th-22th http://www.bugjam.co.uk/

BVF: TBC http://www.britishvo...festival.co.uk/

Camper Jam: 6th-8th http://www.camperjam.co.uk/

Dubs at the Castle: 20th-22nd http://www.dubsatthecastle.com/

Retro Show: 1st http://www.retroshow.co.uk/index.html

London Volksfest: TBC http://www.vwaction.com/lvfframe.html

MIVW: TBC http://www.mivw.nl/

Dub Odyssey: TBC http://www.thomaswel...woc/odyssey.htm

VW Action Lazy Sunday 29th http://www.vwaction.co.uk/



Dubstock: 3rd-5th http://www.dubstock.co.uk/

Audis in the Park: TBC http://www.audisinthepark.co.uk

VW Whitenoise 3rd - 5th http://vwwhitenoise.com/

Gathering Off The Hill: TBC http://www.volkswiga.../gathering.html

SVWOC Summer Show: 12th http://www.thesvwoc.org.uk/main_pages/svwo...r_festival.html

VWNW: 5th http://www.vwnw.co.uk/

VW Festival: 17th-19th http://www.vwfestival.co.uk/



VW Action: August 31st-2nd September http://www.vwaction.com/vwaction/

Westside VW: TBC http://www.westsidevw.co.uk/

Edition38: TBC

Vanfest: TBC http://www.vanfest.org/

Ultra VW: TBC http://www.ultravw.c...Bug_Boogie.aspx

Viking Volksfest: TBC http://www.vikingvolks.co.uk/



Oktoberfest: 5th-7th http://www.oktoberfestuk.com/

Bus Freeze: TBC http://www.busfreeze.co.uk/

GTi Festival: 14th http://www.vwaction.com/gtiframe.html


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Ben ...... you are a star seams liek you have done it before lol been trying to get the dates but having no internet has been a little difficult !!!! cheers dude x

no worries mate :) yeah been trying to sort some dates out for trips etc nudge nudge wink wink ;) and so been searching for these to make things clearer !

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