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Home built charged vr6 cabriolet

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Well people after Mr Stig's topic regarding his past cars ( wow and people think I have had a chequered car past :-# ) it prompted me to have a look back over my past couple of vr's and then onwards and upwards to the future :)

So this was my first one a 5 door dragon green completely standard example with 80K on the clock and a minter, or so I thought !!


loved it and drove it standard for a few weeks before the head gasket went :( so considerably lighter in pocket I vowed to learn a bit more about them and stumbled upon this site !

So after chatting for a few weeks I ended up with some lovely merc wheels in gold !!


oh and a supercharger ;)


so after a bit more learning I decided gold merc wheels werent really the look I was after so invested in the last ever brand new set of Compomotive TH mono


really liked them, and still do, but the car still looked like it was on stilits so on went some coilies and got her a bit lower


however now I realised the compo's werent wide enough or special enough so bought these little beauties


Works Equip 2 piece splits and one of only 3 or 4 sets in the country, then refurbed them myself in dragon green


and on they went along with a rather questionable RS bumper, I liked it at the time although looking back on it now maybe it wasnt the wisest choice !


was starting to look really good and was beginning to get happy with it and then this happened :(


adaptor bolts all broke causing the front offside wheel to come away from the car, luckily only at about 5mph but caused this


sill was knackerd, wing, drivers and passengers door plus suspension etc, it was repairable but I had lost my love for the car during getting it sorted out so this was the result


So the hunt for another one was on and this little dazzler was found


certainly not to everyones cup of tea and the reception it got was interesting to say the least but I could see the potential and heh I am a bit of a show off so why not ! ;)

so on went the compo's and I sorted out the ride height a bit


then I got the Works powdercoated to match the car, refurbing wheels yourself is a complete fag !


In the meantine I did this ;)


and then sorted out the interior myself



and after several months of hard work I got it to a point at which I was happy with it and at Inters that year it sat proudly on the stand


then disaster again, stripped all the interior out to do some more changes and found the floor plan was knackered :( rust everywhere and again although repairable I just couldnt find the energy to do it so again this is how it ended up


So that brings us up to last xmas ! I had a look around at the time for another vr but couldnt find any I liked so decided to wait, since then a lot has changed with work etc and so havent really been in a position to buy another until recently !

And so now I have this sitting on my driveway :)



A mk3 convertible only a 2.0 GTI but full black leather interior and a few other little extras, overall in good condition but needs a lot of TLC ! always wanted one and as they didn't make a factory vr one I guess the only thing to do is build one, so thats the plan, but as I am pretty skint at the mo this will be a long term project, havent got any better pictures only these ones from the advert so will give her a good clean next week and get some more pics up for you all :)

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Well people after Mr Stig's topic regarding his past cars ( wow and people think I have had a chequered car past :-# ) it prompted me to have a look back over my past couple of vr's and then onwards a

you loved my little baby blue !!

wouldnt expect anyone to suger coat it if they don't like it mate ! I know cab's arent to everyone's taste :)

Made me chuckle too craig..

"sugar coat" may be a subtle BGB hint to the colour he intents to abuse the badge with.. ;)

Sorry ben, i'm being rude. I know that the "so totally fresh" prince of scene will do something amazing.. I can feel it like a headwind coming over the country from suffolk.. Bringing with it a whiff of freshly cut vegetables ;) xx

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Take no notice Ben.....They're all JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! car looks sweet now, I'm sure you'll do a good job....There are a few Cab conversions on here and going on so plenty of info to help, and I'm sure despite the p***take, the guys and gals on here will be only too happy to help...........

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