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GTI FESTIVAL Sunday 16th of October 2011

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The GTI Festival – ‘Season Finale’ is for enthusiasts of all VAG marques, SEAT, Skoda, Audi and of course Volkswagen. Now the Volkswagen Group includes Lamborghini, Bentley and Bugatti too, but the closest we will probably come to seeing any of those will be Bentley rims shoehorned under late Golf arches!

The GTI Festival Show & Shine has a massive number of awards including Best Audi, Best Skoda, Best SEAT, and Best VW, Best Engineering, Best Paint, Best Engine, Best Van and many more. There are also 'top twenty' trophies open to all marques.

Last chance to get your hands on the VR6 Owners Club fastest forced and N/A trophies ....


List :-




Vr Stig


Vr stig

VR6 nat

Phat So


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hows the wheel Paul?

not bad thanks H, i nursed it on the spacesaver all the way home, and it all felt alright (given the tracking is out and its on the space saver!) going to have a proper look, replace the CV boot, and attack my arches to fit my other wheels this week hopefully...

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Might try for this one' date=' will see if my car is fixed first.........................


What's up with your car fella?

I won't be coming, but I'm sure you'll all cope!

I was driving down the M45 and I thought god this road surface is noisy, but when I got onto smooth tarmac, the noise was still there. It was like part of the exhaust had become detached. Anyway, my mother lived local so i popped in with the thought I'll jack the car up and have a look, but on the way there, there was a power loss (car sounded like a tractor) and I was using masses of fuel. I pulled up at mothers and popped the bonnet, and there was water pouring out of the expansion tank. Called the recovery, they came out and lo and behold car was fine, no leaks no power loss and no noise, so they wouldn't relay me. Another 2 miles down the road, and the car started to miss like crazy, then it would kick in as normal for a mile or 2, then it would miss like crazy again (sounding like a tractor...each time). Each time it happened, the car wouldn't rev properly. finally got to Evesham Put in some more fuel, found a Phone box called the recovery peeps and say relay me home, not a happy chappy at having to try and get my car home.

Also, It seems that when you stop the car and turn it off, it returns to normal for a while at least.

Sorry for the long explanation but you did ask......

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