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united motorsport steel sump baffles

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ok guys , anyone fancy a group buy on these.

they will stop surge , under braking , acceleration and cornering . these are a weld in item and a built to last

prices are as follows 5 people £ 20 , 10 people £ 17 . postage £2 per set . this is a good saving over the retail price . and also a good investment if you intend on using your car as a performance machine .

these can also be fitted to a 24v when using a steel sump.

names below please .


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Hello mate ,

Was wondering if it would be possible to get a set of these sent the Holland as i would like tto take my car to the tracks and would feel much better for them long curves having these there to stop my motor from losing oil . If that is possible can I also pay via paypal as a bank transfer would take around 1 - 1.5 weeks for overseas transaction.



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I can confirm these are good quality and easy to fit


I was abit baffled! they didnt come with instructions but its easy to see where they fit by looking at the holes in the pics and lining them up.

It must have took me 20 min to do, it took longer getting the rusted sump painted up afterwards than fitting these.


good product

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