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Newly purchased matt black Highline

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Just signed up - Got this a couple of days ago for £500 - Was advertised as smoking on over run, suspect stem seals. Had a 90 odd mile drive home and it lasted about 40 before a funny noise started, sounded like a thrust bearing and it went away with the clutch down and low load. 10 miles later it dumped all the coolant somewhere without any leaving the bay and lost drive, wasn't hopeful!

Stripped it down in the morning and found I was missing a piston lol (h)

Was fully prepared for it to die on the way back but thought that at £500 for a VR6 with Audi TT brakes, working heated concept leather, KW V2's, alacantara trim etc, it was worth it even if it died!

Got an engine coming later today hopefully so with a bit of luck it'll be running later :)











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I like that! Would look better with all black leather! Was there just no piston in it at all? Did previous owner 'forget' to put one in?? Crazy! Hope it's sorted soon for you too. I think we are due some decent weather, to drive about in!! Fingers crossed.

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No idea how/why it happened, the piston is floating around the bottom end somewhere in miniscule bits lol.

Weird because it was running perfectly until it happened, when it went there was no horrible noises and the head us TOTALLY untouched!

But of luck it'll be done by the end of today ready to enjoy - Going to try selling the seats and get some different ones and cover a bit of the engine cost :)

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Wish I knew, went from running perfectly to destruction in 0.000001 seconds!

Had a busy day yesterday, couldn't sleep so sourced an engine, made arrangements to pick it up at 8am, was on the road to Oxford by 10am to get it... By 2pm I was sorting out the engine bay and dropping everything out.

Been held up by the drivers side driveshaft bolts being stubborn, even though I have the proper tool, most of them are rounded and the ones that aren't rounded just round off anyway! Angle grinder is coming out after I have a couple of hour nap to get them off then I'll probably replace them with some decent bolts that aren't prone to chewing up!

The rear mount wasn't done up, all the gear linkage was loose, other random bits were loose - Almost like the engine had just been chucked in there, weird considering the car has obviously been looked after at some point going by the stack of reciepts. Also noticed the passenger side strut doesn't come through the top mount anywhere near as much as the drivers side so can fix that later. Going to have a good check over and make sure nothing else is loose or undone :S

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it could have been a looked after car but then the engine went and they didnt have enough cash to sort it out properly so dropped the cheapest runner they could find in it and put it up for sale. Have you checked the engine number to see if it matches the V5?

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Cheers everyone... Got the car all up and running a week or so ago, few niggles to sort out - Drivers side window not working, passenger window seems to get stopped by the Clifford Concept 300 alarm... Was working fine but I now need to press a button on the fob to allow it to work.



Dash doesn't work when the cars running, but if I turn the ignition nearly to the point the starter kicks in it all works fine, random. That and the rear gearbox mount keeps losing a bolt, nothing too major.

Did a bit of digging and found the build thread for the car, here's how it used to look... Going to get all the matt black off and get it back to this I think.





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Thought I'd update this a bit since I was on here looking for a bit of info. Nothings really changed apart from dropping the front end a bit and swapping to a Vento front end. Friend got a Vento and wanted a golf front so we swapped one night on the random, only downside is it had bonnet pins so I'm on the lookout for an untouched bonnet. Also beat the splitter a few times so it's cable tie stitched until I get another.

Took it up to USC, was surprised at the fuel economy... Managed to get an average of 38mpg which wasn't too bad in my eyes! Had a pretty faultless couple of months, only problem I've had is the driveshaft bolts on the drivers side shaft working loose from the cup and leaving me to pick them up off a roundabout, ghetto style jack the car up and sort it out at 4am at the side of the road. Used to shit like that though lol :)





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