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chasing my tail. maf, crank case vent / coolant?????

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hi guys,

a friend of mine recently changed his ccvv, as the pipes attached to it were in bits literally.

this sorted out a poor idle issue.

after that the car was not revving properly throughout the range. diagnostic said it was

the maf sensor, so i unplugged it and the car revved perfectly throughout the range,

(slight bogging from stand still)

so now the plastic pipe that connects the diaphragm / bellows valve to the emmision control pump has melted through from the inside and there is a noticable coolant level drop.

should there be coolant in this line / any fluid at all. the clear one i have put on is showing a fair amount of spitting water.

if no coolant / water is meant to be present what could be the cause?

the melting is pretty worrying as thinking back that is probbably what happened to the crank case vent valve pipe work.

cheers in advance. any ideas / thoughts welcomed. (recent fuel oil air service. )

also what is that pipe actually meant to be doing?

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