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Bought a 'decent' 2.9 vr6 syncro recently off a forum member on here....or did i??

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With reference to:


After purchasing a 1996 Golf VR6 Syncro off the forum with the following item description...

"its a black 4door 2.9 vr6 obd2

its done 137000km

come with highline leather in good nick with working heated front seats

totaly standard

just had a new luk clutch fitted this week"

"its has no rust and its a fairly clean car wheels are can wrecked standard highline ones not curbed just old and paints flacking

also had discs and pads this year"

"as it need a few bits sorting

abs light

and front pannel needs swapped over as its damaged at the front i have the replacement here

slight knock on front lefthand side suspect its bushed but havent looked yet

will try and sort out as many problems as posible"

"fuel guage not working"

I duly negotiated a price, based on the item description, sent a driver from London to collect the car from Newcastle.

When the car arrived, I looked at it and knew that something wasnt quite right.

These are the faults I have found to date

Both front wings incorrect

Wings poorly painted

OS inner flitch replaced poorly

Bulkhead crushed from frontal impact

front panel destroyed(although this was in the item description as a minor fault)

LHD OS mirror replaced with a RHD version, so visibility is minimal

Passenger airbag removed and covered with a dummy

Engine bay covered with oil residue from a previous blown engine? Syncros have ABV codes but the one in the car has a rocker cover showing AAA

Roof full of filler

Roof gutter strip bonded to roof to disguise repair

Overspray in inner door shuts

Grille used from non GTI or VR6

Airbag light crushed as not to show fault

Motorised throttle body plug glued on

Mint interior in the poorest of conditions

drivers side seat has no height adjustment

Seat clips missing so they wobble

Self tapper screws holding wing on from inner and lower fixing points

Non genuine bonnet full of filler

transponder chip glued to Mk2 key

Air con condenser destroyed

Engine mount destroyed

Gearbox mount destroyed

Vin tag missing

Carpet saturated with water, seats runners rusty

Horns not working

Outside temp sensor hanging off

Carbon cannister bottle broken, pipe had self tapper screw fitted to block flow.

Car advertised as a highline, but steering wheel replaced with non leather steering wheel

Boot floor drilled, can see through

So whilst I can expect to find faults with a 15 year old car, most would agree that this list is quite extensive and exhaustive.

In an attempt to remedy some of these faults, we bought a 1997 Highline, in the same colour to use all the body panels, so that they were the right type and colour.

But the structual damage to this car is far to bad for me to allow the car back on the road again.

So today I bought another syncro for use of its clean shell, and will transplant some of the parts over like the loom, and gearbox. I will need to source a 2.9 engine and convert it to OBD2 to make the syncro original.

On this forum we should be able to trust fellow members.

When I confronted the previous owner he said he was unaware of all these faults. To a degree a few of these faults might have been missed, but the list contains over 30+ faults, and the previous owner is himself an enthusiast, so I think it is a bit far fetched that he was unaware.

The bottom line is that I am extremely pissed off with what has happened here. not only has this been an utter waste of time and money, it goes to show that unscrupulous people frequent our forums, with the view of ripping off fellow members.

Ultimately the blame lies with me, and let this be a lesson to those who purchase cars blindly, and on peoples say so,

Now for some reason, the initial pics on the for sale thread have been deleted? So here are some of the pics that i took today of some of the 'defects'













Now fellow forum members...what would you do if you were in my situation? As it stands now, i have paid £1900 for a 'decent' syncro, paid a driver £120 to go and collect it (including train ticket) Bought another highline yesterday for £800 to try and rectify the bodywork, etc...and i am no step closer to having a spot on syncro! To the point where i am going to have to buy another syncro from germany and transfer the parts possibly, and then scrap this shell! £so, the long and short of it...£2820 out of pocket!

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real pisser mate i would be kicking off big time and would be getting my cash back

but sorry to say you should have gone and looked at the car i would never take anybodys word that "its a good un mate"

hard to say it but really its your own fault for not going up there in person to view it

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i agree with b road blaster. should of viewed it.

everyone emmits a few faults when selling a car. but not to that extent! i feel for you mate. when i brought my silly low estate i viewed it but didn't spot that one of the sills was completely caved in. so have had to get that sorted,

hope you get things sorted to a point you're happier than you are now.

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He hasnt been back online in over a month. so to me proves he got somethink to hide / worry about. contact him for a refund. nothink less

hes probably made a new account, i think a moderator could find out by matching up the I.P address of his original account with the newly made one? unless he has fxxxd off,which in that case good fkn ridence!!

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