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Fuel Filter removal - easy job?

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Just done mines no probs, took fuel pump fuse out started the car. Just to clear the pressure then removeed pipes from fuel filter with a flat head screw and so gentle pulling. Then undo the housing remove filter then pop the new one in. Have a drip tray ready for some that comes out of the filter.

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It located under the car rear o/s

Its held in by a jubilee clip (there normally rusted solid (I normally replace mine at the same time as the filter) or just cable tie it if you have to

There is a clip each side you will see a tab on them just sweeze and pull and it will come off

Make sure you have somthing to catch the small amount of fuel that will come out

Take note of the arrow on the filter it needs to point towards the front of the car

Clip the new filter in place you will be able to feel the clip pop into place and just give it a small pull to make sure it's clipped in properly

Reattach it to the car

Put the keys into the ignition onto the 2nd click and you will hear the pump prim then when it stops start the car and check for leaks

Job done should take about 10mins

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