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Well, thought it was about time I made a thread after lurking on here for ages only really keeping an eye on the classifieds section.

Story started earlier this year when I was looking for a mint MK3, either 8v, 16v or VR6, whichever was in best condition and wasn't fussed on 3 or 5 door as condition was more important to me.

Anyway, whilst working down in London, a dragon green VR came up with 48k on the clock.

Immediately I thought it was a good punt, so I ripped the guys arm off for it and drove it back up to Sheffield from Kent after finishing work on a Friday night.

As soon as it was home it was booked in for a full service and check over the next day, resulting in:

- New Front Disks and Pads

- New Rear Disks and Pads with Bearings

- New Plugs and Leads

- Oil and Filter

- Clean Out of the Pipercross Viper

- Calipers and inners of disks painted black

- Full detail and swirl correction and waxed with a few layers of Dodo Juice Purple Haze.

The following few days saw the suspension ordered in the shape of AP Coilovers under the recommendation of good ride quality, as well as an order to Compomotive for their last blank castings of their TH1780's.

Just managed to be done in time for Elsecar the day before with the new suspension and full new top mounts, but not really sitting low enough.

Still had a good day though.


VR6 Compomotive TH 1780 by outHOUSEpics, on Flickr

The following few months saw a new back box with twin matt black 2.75 inch tailpipes, as well as a change in wheel colour, a bit of suspension adjustment and the addition of smoked front fogs, indicators and genuine Hella quads as well as removing the rear mud flaps.


VR at Jet by outHOUSEpics, on Flickr


VR at Jet 2 by outHOUSEpics, on Flickr


VR at Jet 3 by outHOUSEpics, on Flickr

I then managed to find a mint recaro interior out of another VR6 which I kindly swapped a guy with my standard one, plus a few £....

This is how she is now...


Recaro Interior by outHOUSEpics, on Flickr

And foggy weather for some pictures...


VR6 in the Fog by outHOUSEpics, on Flickr


VR6 in the Fog 2 by outHOUSEpics, on Flickr

I am sure I will change my mind about what happens with it next, but I guess thats why we are all on here, but it certainly isnt finished yet....

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Cheers for the replies guys and gals, its much appreciated.



Porsche BBS..... by outHOUSEpics, on Flickr

I tried to find some information on these last night, but after a few hours of searching I found nothing.

The only bit of information I could find is that one website has them listed for 2002 996's only, which seems very strange as most 996's run a minimum of 18's?

Searched through every Boxter on Pistonheads, and couldnt find 1 wearing these, however it is looking like they may actually be 996 Winter wheels, which I guess is quite appropriate considering the current weather, ha ha

Think I may have dropped on to not a very common wheel....

9x17 ET55 and 7x17 ET50

Need to get some 30mm Adaptors for the rear and 25mm for the front.

Not sure on tyres though yet....

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Braved the cold today and trialled the wheels.

17x9 ET20 Rear and 17x7 ET25 Front.

Need to get tyres on and send them to the bodyshop next week for paint (BMW Sepang Bronze/Silber) and paint the adaptors black.

Got about 5mm poke at the rear and the fronts are tucking, which is exactly what I wanted.


Trial Fit by outHOUSEpics, on Flickr


Poke and Tuck by outHOUSEpics, on Flickr

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Cheers dude.

Never heard of any Cayennes running staggered fitments' date=' especially 9 inchers. I know of the multispoke Cayenne wheels you may be thinking of though.

A guy I know in Austria has told me that he has seen loads of 996's running these over there.


Hmmm im not sure, but i have to agree they look smart...id definitley have them on mine!!

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Thought I'd do an update...

Not been on here for a while due to work commitments etc, but will probably be browsing a bit more now show season is around the corner.

Anyway, since last time, the car has had its new wheels and tyres on. Went for Toyo T1R's again.

Thinking of changing them yet again though even though I am happy with them.


VR6 Porsche 996 Winter Wheels by outHOUSEpics, on Flickr

Also got a really rare ABT splitter too...


ABT Splitter by outHOUSEpics, on Flickr

Sold the Compomotives and got some BBS RC040's in PX which I started to refurb, but sold on as the fitment wasn't up to my taste, they were too narrow for the back at 7.5"


BBS RC040 Refurb Belgom Alu by outHOUSEpics, on Flickr


BBS RC040 Refurb by outHOUSEpics, on Flickr

Popped out one evening with the local club lads as one of them wanted to do some night shots...


Lowdown at the Graves Art Gallery by outHOUSEpics, on Flickr

Also nipped up to the Manc:union meet at the Trafford Centre Krispy Kremes last month, not sure if I am going up tomorrow or not though...


Krispy Kreme Manc Union by outHOUSEpics, on Flickr

Stayed late at work one night and got a shot in the carpark in town which I had been meaning to take for ages.


VR6 at the Cheese Grater by outHOUSEpics, on Flickr

Finally got the ABT Splitter on...


VR6 ABT Splitter by outHOUSEpics, on Flickr

And today, I picked up some bargain MK4 style headlights which I have split, painted and replaced the crystal glass with OEM stuff. Chuffed with how they have come out.


OEMplus by outHOUSEpics, on Flickr

So thats what has been happening over the past couple of months.

Will hopefully see some of you guys this show season depending on which ones I go to...

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