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1/4 mile time 2010

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Thought I'd start this off since the 2009 thread is a bit out of date

Had my first run on the 1/4 mile yesterday and this was my best run -


The car (race number on the side to match timeslip) -


Engine Spec -

Broken stock exhaust - no cat, no middle box and the back box fell off

Cheapo cone filter I found in my Dad's van

Rear seats and rear carpets removed.

Toyo T1 tyres dropped to 23.5psi on the front.

Aiming for sub 14.5 on May bank holiday weekend with more weight reduction :)

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thanks, supposed to be at spring fest next week but money is tight :( gives me more time to work on the car though. weight loss = free bhp :)

matty.vrt was at york yesterday but never got to see his car run, think he was in low 13s, but grip was really low as it rained hard in the morning

couple more vr's in my class and phatty got his rado down to 14.7 but he had a few problems i think, that rado definitely has a low 14 in it

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hope we can get a little table going, would be good to see a table for turbo cars, s/c'd cars and then N/A cars.

i'm back at York in two weeks time and aiming for a 14.3 which is gonna take a mighty effort from what is effectively a stock OBD2 mk3 vr6! Hoping the race cars can say some rubber down and I can get my 60ft times closer to 2 seconds flat.

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