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Advice for building a vr6 track car.

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eibach anti-roll bars' date=' top brand damping adjustable coilovers (hard setting), big brembo brakes with 15" wheels with top brand tyres i.e. eagle f1's.


Upgrade rear bar only (induces more oversteer) I did front and reverted as didn't like handling.

Good set of coilys are def - I did first track day on hottuning ebay ones - beat the sh*t out of them

Get in touch with diluxe on CGti he sold his mk3 and has a set lying around.

Brembo brakes will help, but not really worth it if you not increasing power on car, get standard VAG discs (~£40 each on trade) and Mintex M1155's also run some racing fluid (I use Halfords one - took about 1 litre to bleed and fill system)

As for Tyres you really should be looking for some proper track tyres R888's or full slicks (look around online, bay, ed38) and pick up a used set if you can't afford spankers.

You will def get your use out of them, and will not let you down on the day when they super heat.

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don't slam it. strip the fuck out of it.. more weight from the front to the back. spend £800 on coilovers. 16" rims (light as poss) good tyres. new or polly bushes. lower final drive. weld the turrets up/ seams... turbo or charger. list never ends tbf fella... dont take it to serious or it will do your head in lol

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