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There has been a lot of talk about people being charged for putting winter tyres on their cars.

Can I just say to save any uncertainty we will not charge for anyone doing this though you do have to notify us if you add them?

May I also wish you all a very Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year.

I have never heard anything so ridiculous!!

Does any insurance company ask what tyres are on the car in the first place? You want customers to inform you they have changed to tyres which will make the car safer to drive?

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After a strange few months of changing criteria and shifting patterns in the insurance market, January for us, in terms of business, surpassed January 2010 (before all these changes took place) showing that the current scheme seems to be working rather well!

I like to think it’s because I’ve put my photo as my avatar but the rest of the team think that has had a detrimental effect. They may have a point!

So, please feel free to ring us if your car (or home) insurance is due in the next few weeks!

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