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Please see below for our complete VR6 Buyers Guide for the Golf and Corrado VR6.

Golf VR6 Buyers Guide / Checklists

Corrado Buyers Guide / Checklists

Vehicle MOT history request (including mileage)

This is a great place to start if you are looking into buying a VR6... You can even print it and take it with you!! :)

The VR6 Owners Club Team 8)

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Just a few extra advices for rado vr6 buyers:



* Check for a rust on the rear hatch around the rear windshield and the bottom area of the doors.

* The rear spoiler should extend/retract around 55mph.

* Check the state of the roof gators. If they're perished it might cost you a few more $ then you expect.



* Look for broken/worn out seat bolsters (especially the driver's side).

* Check if you get a first aid kit inside the armrest of the back seat and the emergency triangle hide between back seats. 

* When checking electrical windows don't be surprise when you try to operate both of them in the same time and they don't work. It's not an electrical fault - windows have been set up this way by the factory - you can use just one of them.



*Some later vr6s need a bit longer moment to start and it's ok. As far as the engine idle ok and sounds sweet on revs it's nothing you should worry about.

* The badly maintained cars often get cracked chain guides. So listen to any rattling when you start up on the cold engine


 The most common electrical issues:

* Inoperable radiator fan

* Sunroof doesn’t work

* Rear wing doesn't extend

* Automatic seatbelts don’t work

* Flickering headlamps

* Wipers don’t work (all rado's get a problem with a standard set of wipers and lots of people upgraded them for a lupo's set). The wiper arms don’t have enough tension against the windshield and when you try to use them, they’ll just smear the water all over. There are available a few fixes online showing how to trim down the spring inside the arm to apply more tension.

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