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Pete's OBD2 Corrado VR6 - On The Road

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It's alive!!!  

Went to my local pirtek branch to make up my oil lines as didn't have correct tools here to do the job and wanted peace of mind 🏻 They have done a great job and only £38 - I supplied the li

I went to Stealth yesterday, feeling quite apprehensive! I am the 3rd car that has used their new strapping system, so they can run higher power cars without needing to use glue all of the time, and a

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Cheers mate! Well it passed as you know, so here's a little something to mark the occasion...

When I got it, it was a non runner, knackered heater matrix, head gasket had gone and the timing chains needed doing.... I knew it would be an uphill struggle, but didn't realize it would be a 4 year battle :)

Engine bay was looking like it would look quite at home in a scrap yard!


The bodywork looked like it had been cleaned with wet and dry for the last 10 years!



After many years of, what I would call restoration given the state it was in when I got it, it now has a new lease of life, passed it's MOT yesterday and now looks as good as any Corrado should be.





It's hard to believe its the same car, the point i'm trying to make is that over my 4 years of ownership, I've seen many corrado's being scrapped / broken for parts in better condition than when I first got my Corrado many years ago, and it just goes to show if your in it for the love, you will get there in the end :)

Comments welcome (apologies for the state of my garage!)

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Yeah, its starting to look good, I want to look at new header tank, but they are obsolete now for Corrado, and after market ones don't last that long....

it has come a very long way over the last 4 years, and still has a long way to go in terms of the bodywork, but that's only minor, time to insure and enjoy the car!

looking at trying Lynbrook - http://www.lynbrookins.co.uk/ for a quote, other corrado boys have had some good quotes from these, with mods, limited 4k mileage and garaged overnight all good.

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Today saw the final piece of the puzzle fall into place, took all interior out, wet vac everything, and gave it a deep clean, also had the mops out and gave the bodywork a going over again as it had picked up some scratches / swirl marks in the garage, will be picking up a car cover tomorrow.

Also fitted my updated head light loom today, what a difference it makes!








Not everything went well though, noticed one of the rear seat bases didn't want to latch properly, upon closer inspection revealed this mess!


Any ideas on fixing appreciated :)

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What did you use in the end on the interior then? What should the rear seat latch thing look like? As its inside the car and under the carpet could you not make a small piece of metal the shape it should be then tack it into place under the carpet? Would be invisible with the seat in.

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I used the wet vac on seats and carpets, used a spray on foam and damp cloth for door cards and roof lining, damp cloth on all plastics then used auto gylm rubber / plastic care (the green goo stuff) on all interior plastics.

Used meguiars on the bodywork with orbital, had some deep scratches that needed taking out on the front wing too.

The seat... Well that's how it is, it looks a bad design! And the latch just clips in where the groove is seen... Looks like 18 years later is worn through the bodywork, need to come up with an idea that doesn't involve welding ideally as that's an interior out job again!

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Come on Craig :) this is far from a myth. Blood sweat and tears has gone into this. Interior is looking as new now it's all been wet Vaxed.

Did my mats today just collecting a list of missing trims / screw caps etc... waiting on a head light plastic to arrive so I can put the grill back on now I've installed better reflectors and updated loom

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I've just driven my car for the first time, and oh my god, what an awesome machine this is!!

On the way to the 4-wheel alignment place I gave the throttle a blip and the surge of power was unbelievable! got upto 80MPH in a blink of an eye!!!

I did notice my rear spoiler didn't raise up through :( but I do have a engine speed sensor fault that I've yet to fix since my OBD2 upgrade, im hoping that will fix the issue...


Had it aligned and felt a different car on the way back! unfortunately it did rain, and I had first hand experience of how good Corrado window wipers really are...

Felt really solid to drive, no rattles, no squeaks etc... just need my brake pads to bed in. and all is good. had my wheels balanced too so we are now ready for the show season ahead!!

Next jobs:

Re-fit VR6 badge on rear following blowing it over with the rattles

Re-trim handbrakes handle and fit hand brake tunnel kit

re-trim gear gator

new gear knob

Remap at Stealth

I'm still smiling, was such a good feeling putting my foot down and picking up my stomach on the back seat!

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Its been a long time coming hehe

Do you reckon you got a more more horses out of the OBD2 conversion too then?

Had it aligned and felt a different car on the way back! unfortunately it did rain' date=' and I had first hand experience of how good Corrado window wipers really are...


Add Lupo GTI aero wipers to the list?

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