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what you owned !!

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Driving 11 years

Mk2 escort - Never got on the road (15yrs old)

73' Mini (17 yrs)

Mk2 xr2 - Sunburst red lol (17yrs)

Mk2 xr2 - YELLOW (18yrs), mag featured...horrendous looking back

Mk3 Escort RS Turbo Series 1 (18 to present) still got it cant bear to part with it

Mk3 Golf Highline Supercharged (25- now 3.5 years)

2000 ltd edition 206 Grand Tourisme just bought for the missus.

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Passed test July 06 @16 8-|

Yamaha DT 125, best fun iv ever had on 2 wheels. Looked like a bear on a roller skate

Yamaha TTR 250, fell off and shagged me knee up, sold (I wonder why??).

98 mk3 astra 1.4 8v, bought with health insurance payout on bust knee from bike.

2000 Peugeot Partner Van

95 Mk3 golf GTi 16v

02 V6 4mo.

Halfers in a mk2 gti 8v

And a host of off road bikes.

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driving 8 yrs

saxo 1.1...lol

fiesta mk3 1.1

nova 1.3 sr

nova gte

mk2 golf gti 16v oak green ....lurvved this car

mk 2 golf gti 8v

nissan almera gti cammed, turbod, etc ....360 bhp

1995 golf vr6 in red

mk3 golf gti 8v

mk3 golf gti 16v

3x ford escorts 1 a rs turbo

mk 2 astra gte 16v

redtop nova

pug 205 1.9 gti

vauxhall astra 888 1.9cdti in silver remaped to 200 bhp 330 ft/p torque 18" anthracite lightweight alloys uprated suspension........still have dreams over this car number 85 of 100 ........one day will own 1 again.

mk3 golf gti 16v....really nice lowered on 16" splits coilovers lasted 2 hours before some bint hit me up the arse lol

mk4 v6 4motion (black)

rotrex charged saxo vts

turbod saxo vtr of a m8 who owed me money sold it to another m8 to get

ma black 1996 vr6 5 door as i have a kid

loads of mk3 golfs missing a couple of drivers automatics etc and a couple more escorts thrown in somewhere

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Passed my test 10 years ago ive had:

Mk2 Golf 1.3 cl

Peugeot 309 sri

Vauxhall astra gte 8v

Mk3 Golf gti 16v

Mitsubishi evo 1 gsr

subaru impreza type ra

Honda civic ek4 vti

Mitsubishi evo 1 gsr

bmw 325i se

vw passat tdi

peugeot 406 coupe 3.0 v6

subaru impreza wrx wagon

bmw 323i coupe

honda civic vti-s

Golf vr6 (current)

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not in any order just what and how many

5 x impreza

1 x evo 6

2 x M3

1 x 911 carerra

2 x TT quattro

1 x A4 2.8 30v quattro avant

1 x M5

2 x VR6

4 x MK1 Gti Golf

2 x 16v MK2 Golf

1 x 16v Jetta

1 x mk3 gti golf

1 x swb v6 3.o shogun

2 x cosworth

3 x capri

1 x rover v8 sdi

1 x 6v beetle

loads of vans for work, loads of motorbikes and more cars that I could remember if I could be bothered as they weren't very good or I wouldn't need to think what they were.

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Her you go been driving now 20 years, sorry it goes on a bit and in no order ;

Datsun Cherry 120y

2 x Mk1 Golfs

Cortina Crusader

Escort Van

2 x mk3 Granada's

Daihatsu Charment

Cavalier 1.6

Rover Vittesse sport

Peugeot 205 gti 1.9

Mk3 escort

Fiat Panda (oh dear)

Honda Accord (1982)


Renault 4 tl van

Audi 80

Calibra (my current run around)

Vw Corrado VR6......nearly forgot

Its a bit embarrassing really i think ive forgotten a few i reckon i had over 30 cars.........im getting old............. :-p

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Cars I owned:

1984 Austin Mini City E

1996 Vauxhall Corsa B

1985 Ford Escort

1986 Ford Escort

1985 VW Polo (Mk2)

1998 Ford Ka

1990 Toyota MR2 (Ferri)

1985 BMW M535i

2001 BMW 330d

2008 Renault Clio

2004 Smart Roadster

1991 VW Golf GTi (Mk2 16v, now with ABF)

I've still got the first one and the last 3.

Company cars:

2001 Renault Megane 1.9 DCi

2002 Ford Focus

2004 Ford Fiesta

2002 Ford Focus

2004 Ford Focus

2006 Peugeot 307 (only had it a couple of days)

2006 Mercedes A Class

2006 Skoda Fabia (only had a couple of weeks)

2006 Ford Focus

I think that's all of them but it gets a bit hazy. I can remember the reg plates for quite a few of them. The only one I regret selling was the M535i. Should've kept it.

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Racking My Brain........

T Reg mark 1 Fiesta Brown

C Reg 1.6 Orion Injection ghia

Golf VR6 Highline Bought 1998 still kept !!

Bmw 325 i sport

Mitsubishi Shogun V6 3000

Bmw 740 i

Mitsubishi Evolution 6 Tuned 500 bhp RC Developments Warrington

Jaguar xj v8 Supercharged

wow i admire some one stickin with the vr all those years esp with those cars too.... jag sounds nice

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6 mini's including a pickup

mk3 cortina

mk1 astra 1.3s

BMW 320

mk2 capri 1.6

mk3 capri 2.0s

Nova 1.4sr

Escort 1.6 Ghia estate

Metro van

Escort RS turbo

Rover 214

Sierra 2.0 glsi

Landrover series 2

Landrover series 3

Landcruiser 3.0td

Passat estate 1.8t

Cavalier gsi 2.5

Sierra Cosworth 4x4

Saab 9000

Toyota Supra TT

Seat Leon Cupra

Fiesta 1.25 zetec

Audi A6 tdi

mk1 polo breadvan

Fiesta rs turbo

Focus ST3 facelift

Golf mk3 cabriolet

RD 125 LC





R1 '98'

R1 '04'


Huskie 510

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