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What did you do to your VR6 today?

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Bolted a Rotrex supercharger to it! It's a long story which involves me getting very annoyed with the VF charger leaking oil after waiting 2 months for a belt, fellow member D11PS being a good salesm

Been a bit quiet lately, so thought I'd change that and then this happened!

Because US spec front bumper! Thanks to Bennyk and star street garage for the superfluous job of painting my shtuff, can't wait to display the tailgate to all, it's a work of art!!!!

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Well. I've just replaced the crank sensor. When hot starting, the car no longer drops it's revs below normal or misfires or stalls itself.


That is great. The problem now is finding out why the car shakes if the revs are gently taken to about 1k and held there. Feels like a balance issue or misfire but all the plugs and Coil packs are less than a year old and it did the same prior to being replaced.


The joys, eh?.

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On 2017-5-11 at 7:13 PM, Timothy_Ellis said:

After market pulleys?


Had the auxiliary belt off the other day with the pulley theory in my head. All pulleys and bearings are absolutely fine. Tensioner was replaced last year and that spins faultlessly.


Thanks for the idea. Was a good try. Shame it wasn't one of them.

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"Rockets on the road again, wearing shiny clothes again"


Used most of last week, whilst the family Cadillac was in for a wheel bearing.

Running and driving great.


Gave it a proper wash and cleaned the glass before going back in the garage.


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