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What did you do to your VR6 today?

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Bolted a Rotrex supercharger to it! It's a long story which involves me getting very annoyed with the VF charger leaking oil after waiting 2 months for a belt, fellow member D11PS being a good salesm

Been a bit quiet lately, so thought I'd change that and then this happened!

Because US spec front bumper! Thanks to Bennyk and star street garage for the superfluous job of painting my shtuff, can't wait to display the tailgate to all, it's a work of art!!!!

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1 hour ago, bennyk said:

Yeah unfortunately I don't own it, but I do run it, worked for the same bloke for 16 odd years and he pretty much leaves us to it . Got my mot tester ticket as well emoji51.pngemoji1360.png

Nice one, I'm in the trade too and also an mot tester, nice when your left alone to work without someone on your back all the time. nice work on bealieboys bumpers, look brill ! 

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Hey all, I've been waiting for this weekend for a while and the weather was on my side :)

  • The original driver-side fog light cover fell out this week on dual-carriage way so I've finally popped in the lights my other half got me last year for my old 1.8 Driver. It took a little jiggery pokery but are working. And removal of very rusty screws. Lots of WD40 and creative language was used.
  • I also removed the grille and sprayed the black properly as was bare plastic and looked cheap
  • And changed the VR6 badge back to silver as previous owner had it green
  • And I've unfudged the shoddy HID install that came with the car
  • Aligned the headlights so not to blind people
  • Sanded down and sprayed the wiper arms black and lacquered
  • Removed badly applied carbon fibre effect vinyl from plastic trim above grille
  • Tidied the sub in the boot as paint was chipping off
  • Removed number plates that came with car (show plates) and installed road legal ones. Treated them to number plate covers as well (partially to cover up the mess around the rear one which was stuck on with foam pads)
  • Repaired number plate lights

Now I'm starting to tape off the plastic trim so I can apply some Forever Black and get out the pressure washer. I still have many things to tick off the check-list so let's hope the weather gets better but I had heaps of fun :)


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