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What did you do to your VR6 today?

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Bolted a Rotrex supercharger to it! It's a long story which involves me getting very annoyed with the VF charger leaking oil after waiting 2 months for a belt, fellow member D11PS being a good salesm

Been a bit quiet lately, so thought I'd change that and then this happened!

Because US spec front bumper! Thanks to Bennyk and star street garage for the superfluous job of painting my shtuff, can't wait to display the tailgate to all, it's a work of art!!!!

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1st gear has gone AWOL after new clutch and lightened flywheel (recommend this mod) so booked back in for some linkage adjustment...


(Short shift mod also on the cards ;) )


Linkage adjusted and new plastic bracket fitted as mine had shat itself, hence the intermittent 1st gear.


Seriously thinking about a charger now........will this ever end?

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Drive through car wash to get the bird crap off

Ordered/paid for the rotrex bracket and a fluidampr crank pulley last week

Hopefully be here in 6weeks!!!

I'm dreading the head ache to come with charging the vr


o no a drive through car wash they should be banned and espesially in a vr6 :(

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ive got a chap in the states to do me a bracket but once it's here and ok i will be able to sort them out cheaper if any interest in them

I'm getting the charger from here tts and rest doing myself

So far I've spent £2500 on charger and bracket alone

Not bad for rotrex setup
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I recently had my ECU re-flashed with UNITRONIC software and honestly its friggin amazing! I highly recommend it to anyone especially if you are in the US. Got rid of the low end hesitation(lag) that plagues them, raised the redline to 7200, and no speed governor! smoooooth acceleration all the way to redline. Its like a new engine. GET IT! STAGE 1 PLUS 218hp 209tq 

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