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What did you do to your VR6 today?

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8 hours ago, VR6CABBS said:

Fitted my Eibach ARB's. Well I laboured for@Dave_ciw emoji23.pngemoji23.png

Could tell the difference straight away. Feels like it was on rails on the roundabout on my way home.

And no squeaks. emoji23.pngemoji106.png

Without a doubt one of the best upgrades in my eyes.


Fitted a lightened flywheel and had a right laugh looking for strut top mounts!

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I've been rewrapping my 6b as the previous shtuff I had on was smoking for over 200 miles and 7hrs running time, including glowing embers on the wrap at one stage.
So this time I've used titanium wrap from dei, this goes on really nicely compared to fibreglass style heat wrap and apparently smokes for 15 mins and then no more.IMG_3571.JPG

2nd picture shows 9m of wrap stage, this is getting damn expensive, total spend £62 with one more 3m roll required to finish the wrap. Lessons learnt so far. No1- don't skimp on the cost first time! No2. Buy a 10m roll and save yourself quite a bit of money! No3. A 6b manifold takes 10m of heat wrap.

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Having a a great time in Cornwall apart from alternator has packed up today. 


Lickily though the clubs members located in Cornwall I've got another alternator and with help will be fitting it tomorrow. 


Just goes to show what a great club we have ?



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Found the sump plug has been leaking into the under tray, I'm guessing since I changed her oil the other month.


Tried to tighten it up and found that the plug kept turning with little resistance. I'm guessing that's a new sump and another oil change. Rather fortunate that I've found lots of them on ebay.


12v at £40

24v at £50

My AYL £150 second hand...... how the hell does that work???!!!!

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