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Classified Rules - Please read before posting

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We have decided to put together a few guidelines to help make the Market Place section easier for buyers and sellers and more uniformed for us to moderate. Please follow all the relevant guidelines for your post otherwise we will contact you about the missing information and give you 24 hours to add it in or the thread will be temporarily removed.

1. You must state a price. This seems to annoy buyers/browsers and normally leads to a lot of pm's back and forth or pages of pointless text. A guideline price would be helpful, even if its offers between £x and £y, If no price is specified, your advertisement will be removed.

2. You must state a location. Things like wheels, doors, heavy things that would generally need collection, to save time, at least put some information about where the items for sale are.

3 All communication should be kept within the thread - DO NOT REPLY SAYING "YOU HAVE PM". Please communicate with sellers within the topic and not via PM until a sale is agreed. Only personal details should be exchanged via PM once the sale is closed. This is to give visibility to other members of the forum to whether the item is still available.

4. Only one "bump" on threads within any 24 hour period this includes posting to bump the thread.

5. When an item is sold please simply add the word “SOLD†to the thread title rather than post a reply so that we can remove the thread.

6. Knives, guns, other offensive weapons, copied DVDs and CDs are NOT permitted to be sold on this forum.

7. Unless by prior arrangement, anyone who is not a private seller ie. trading, must contact a Moderator for permission to post items for sale in this area.

8.If you've no interest in a thread don't post in it please, also no thread hijacking ie. "i've got that cheaper..." just start your own thread.

9.The description of items for sale/swap should be clear, concise (for example Make, Model, Age, Condition etc) and include details of any known damage, defects and flaws or any other information that a potential new owner should be made aware of.

10. Please "preview" your post and check the image link is valid, and if you post a link to another site please again check that the link works.

Thank you for reading these guidelines and hopefully by following them your item will sell quickly and without complication.

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