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Few pics of before and now,,,,,

Last June just after respray, running bbs rc's and coilovers..


Then came Air



Wheel change


Luxury couch




Car I thought I was happy with.. but no! saw a set of Lamboughini Diablo SV split rims which would stick miles out due to the 25mm pcd adaptors but then oucht fook aye!!


Said rims which I managed to source proper badges for.

Thought a hidden tailpipes would look good so welded a set of 90mm downswept to my rear box and flushed the rear bumper off, finishing it off with texture paint and also debadging an old style vento grill and texture painting that too




Then set about changing the pcd of the car so it can run both vw 5x100 and merc/audi 5x112 without adaptors, All machined and redrilled fitted back on today

Still on ramp but a couple of wee pics




And well thats about it for now, going to get some touch ups done in a couple of weeks and have the install and engine bay to finish off and will be happy for a wee while I hope....

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Well stuck it together tonight, just to make sure it all fits together still happy with result so thought I'd share.

Install time Still a fair bit to do but getting there

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couple of more pics to show whats been happening with it recently About 2 weeks before e38 fitted my freshly coated inlet, started car up and it died??? Turned out there was sand stuck inside it and that had destroyed the rings so no compression. picked up a real cheap low mileage mill for £120 off ebay and got stuck in, still made it to e38 so was well chuffed


from 2008 e38

In workshop in bits again. Engine now stripped out and has been fitted in my mk2 as it turned a shell..


why you ask? Picked up a mint bottom end and fitted a decompression plate arp head studs and reconned head, new chains and tensioner.


mocked up all my pipework before I removed old engine so everything would be easier. Have a short inlet manifold t3/4, apr turbo manifold.and a begi fmu for starters, also have a 4"maf and 440cc injectors which I will fit once i have software from c2. but fmu wiill get it started and make sure its ok. Have also moved my brake resivoir with dare i say it a V6 clio relocation kit....

So as it stands new engine will be in on tuesday as inner wings being painted tomorrow so will put some pics up as I take them.

Wheels also split going for some colour on them... to be continued.........

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that looks amassing under the bonnet inside and out. love the colour of the powercoating

whats the rear bench from?

and who made the SRI?

Rear bench is a vento number straight fit!!

Inlet was made by a chap in Germany sells them on ebay.de, really well made and just over £200,

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Got my sump fitted up today, we braised quite a long return pipe on it so there is loads of room for the driveshaft and hose will be above it


Also picked up a set of rims for blasting about on when weathers bad.... 15s were too smal for new brakes (when they eventually get here)

17" superlegeras need a refurb but will do as is just now.



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