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Just read the two topics on Spark plugs and leads. Cause at the moment they are the bain of my life.

Just had a full service done by my local VW service center (not VW themselves)

They changed the plugs in the service, fair enough. I collected the car and drove it up the road and it was missfiring like a bastard! So called them up, and they came and collected the car from work and took it back. 2 Hrs later, they delivered the car back, with an extra cost of £60 for a new set of leads. Fair enough I thought.

Left work, all seemed fine, running well. Till I got around the lower speed limits. The car is still miss firing at low revs when pulling away in a high gear.

How can this happen! The car was running fine when it went in, now I feel really pissed off! So it's going back in first thing.

If anyone knows of anything that could be the problem please let me know.

Have they used cheap plugs? Cheap leads?


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I had exactly the same thing when taking mine into VW themselves. I couldnt figure it out as they hadnt touched the leads or plugs at all. Swapped the coil pack from my other VR and seemed to help a little, what helped the most though was purchasing a shiny new Camshaft sensor.

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Do they have Vag-Com or know what it is ?

I had a similar exp. from the Stealers ,Took the car in for Full service ,I told them I had a misfire before I handed my keys,after they robbed me they told me I had a misfire .So all in all a very expensive oil change and 2 greased door hinges .

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No they havn't got Vag-Com as far as I'm aware.

I took it back this morning and after a bit of a discussion, they took it back in to check it out. Got to say I was pretty impressed, they have stood by the work they did. And have sorted it.

It was a couple of things, one of the plugs they fitted wasn't firing properly. Also the guy done a repair on the split crank case breather. Which to be fair he didn't have to do. This in turn had dislodged another pipe which was then leaking air.

So all fixed now, also he knocked money off the service.

Cant be fairer than that. SO it's back in next week to have the sump done, which has worn thin due to speed bumps. (done by the previous owner over time) Also needs a new radiator aswell, as it is leaking (which I knew about).

Think you really need to be carefull these days where anyone takes their car. Also a bit of mechanical knowledge helps, but thats not my forte.

Did they sort your car?

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