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A question for everyone......?

Any recomendations on tyres for the VR6? I just drove home in the wet and realised the ones on my car aint worth having on, they are just a cheap make that where put on before I brought it.

I've had a search on the web and Dunlop Sp Sport look quite good, some michelin Pilots popped up aswell. I really want a good all rounder tyre that doesn't wear out after 3 months.

All suggestions greatly appreciated.

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I've tried quite a few and so far the best yet by a long mile (which I'd never considered before) are BF Goodrich G-Force Profilers. The car's handling is transformed and I now get so much more feedback from the steering. I used to have Goodyear Eagle F1's and they lasted a very short time and once they are only half worn the traction is awful and quite scary in the wet! But these BF's that I have now are very good. I only found out about them when I read an article about rally cars and it turned out 5 out of 6 of the major teams use BF Goodrich and consisitently get better times now compared to previous brands they had tried. Worth trying at some point mate if you get a chance. So far they are lasting very well and cost the same as Toyo's and the like so very good value.

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Running Pirelli PZeros at the moment and lasting very well. I stuck 1000 miles on them within 4 days as they went on just before the ring trip at easter. Held up very well doing that and with all the rain we've had i've been very impressed in the wet.

I also have Dunlop SP9000 on way for my other wheels so will let you know about them soon

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