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October Rolling Road Day - Your Thoughts??

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Just wondering how many members would be interested in a RR day towards the end of October once all the major shows are over and before spending money on Christmas begins???

I know we had a really great day at Power Station last Nov,

I've also been contacted by another company Dyno Demon http://www.dynodemon.co.uk/ who have sent the following info...

The company has a modern state of the art setup on the Clayhill Industrial Park in Neston, Cheshire. We are proud to say that we are the owners of a brand new state of the art Dyno-Dynamics Four Wheel Drive Dynamometer.

The layout of our building has been specifically setup to accommodate for club days which has presented us with a great viewing area for members. This has also been enhanced by live graphical readings projected clearly on to the wall for everyone to see. In addition we have a waiting room which features a DVD player, comfortable seating and a drinks dispenser. As the unit is located on an industrial estate there is plenty of room for parking in our secure grounds.

On completion of a power run each member will receive two printouts of BHP against Torque (both at the fly) and BHP (at the wheels) against Air Fuel Ratio which will be presented in unique Dyno Demon booklet courtesy of us. Additional information can be added at the customer’s request.

The price will be dependant on the amount of vehicles attending that day but will be around the £45 mark. Hospitality will be provided for larger groups.

I have asked them for a quote for 30 cars and am waiting for a reply who look quite good and are based in Cheshire compared to Power Station who are Worcester way. I believe Power Station charged £30/car last Nov.

Please put your name down if you are interested and which location you'd most likely travel to so that I can get numbers to get us the best price.



So far (13/8/07)...................................

Power Station (tewksbury, Glos)



3.The Goth




7.Lizard Racing

Dyno Demon (Cheshire)









9/10. Dlea X2

Don't Mind where






6.Twin Twotone Turbo

Not stated where


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Ok guy's i've had this reply from Dyno demon,

Hi Donna

We have set a benchmark of about 25 cars in one day but we may possibly be able to do more dependant on how things go on the day.

The price would be £40 per car this would include 3 power runs with printouts of the best run.

Feel free to pop in at any time to see our setup as it is an ideal venue for RR days.


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