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Only been a member for less than i week, here's my ride.

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Hi i'm roey25. Like the title say's, been a member for less than a week and had my vr6 for less than a week. This is the second vr6 i have owned and made a big mistake selling it for a mk4 gti 20v turbo. so sold that and bought this. the pictures show how the car was when i bought it. Got things planned to improve the looks and other areas.

Things done so far: Set of 17" alloys, lowered 40mm and magnex system, not really that much but it's a start.

Please take a look at my thread on Things to pimp my ride in the wanted section.

Please please let me know what you think of my vr6 and any helpfull info would be great.






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The rims look like mine ;-) - Good Choice (ssw mesh) if i am wrong then they are ASA AR1's lol

Put light tint windows on it and it really suits the black and i agree, lower her. Plus maybe some front lights.

Otherwise DRIVE her hard and DRIVE it like you stole it ;-)

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hi, welcome to the forum....

i also made the silly mistake for selling my VR for a mk4 initially. bought a mk4 turbo and soon sold it to buy another VR,,, then made the same mistake to buy a mk4 V5 and then bought another VR..... this time i had the sell the VR as the maint. was killing me... now i have an audi A3 turbo which has been re-mapped to 195 bhp. cant say im disappointed yet but DAMN i miss the 6 pot roar and the cult looks!!! i still keep an eye out for one though.. you never know!

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