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Long time no speak lol,

Hows all doing?? just thought id pop in and say hi and show all my new car that i bought after sorting out the business etc:

It is an audi A3 1.8T with scrumptious heated leathers (they heat up really well), not really a match to a VR but far superior in build quality and overall drive. Has been remapped to 195 bhp and kicked the 180bhp GTI golf off the road last weekend lol

lemme know what you guys think and hope im still allowed on this beast forum lol



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hey guys,

thanks for the comments, keep em coming lol,

VR mofo i thought that too but was in a bit of a rush so admin please move to correct section.

is a bit tough to keep clean, a good wash only looks good for a day - leathers are amazingly comfortable and overall the car is serving me great.

Purple highline: did you get an R32 yet? i think they look stunning and sound awesome compared to an S3, and as you say cant beat the 6 pot engine.

.... would still love to buy a 4th VR6 if funds permitted as a weekend car!!! they look the part and sound brilliant!

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Looks really nice Baz. Must be weird going 'back' from a V6' date=' you must miss the sound soooo much! But then again, i guess you've got the turbo whoooshhh to make up for it (a bit, anyway!)


a bit anyway lolololol,

it has a diverter valve fitted so you can hear the hissing a bit more lol, to be honest it aint disappointing, the only thing i miss is the 6 pot roar other than that it pulls quite well.... oh and the fact that you cant stroll in 2nd gear and then move off without juddering lol

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