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(how to tell) Difference between OBD1 + OBD2

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This was discussed earlier, they are the same size

Leave it alone! Doing that will yield absolutely nothing.

The only way to gain anything from a throttle is to enlarge the throttle plate.

Nope' date=' the Corrado doesn't have the ramp in the inlet side. It has a 2 stage opening mechanism instead. Slow at first, then faster. It mimics the ramp in the Golf OBD1 throttle.

The Corrado throttle is nasty, far too heavy, causes ankle ache on long journeys.

Whilst I'm on, everyone assumes the Corrado throttle is bigger and better. It isn't. It has exactly the same throttle plate size as the 2.8 OBD1 throttle.

The Ramp in the 2.8 throtte is there to speed up gas flow at light loads to improve torque and make the engine less snatchy. I would not remove it, and yes, if you sand that off you will make a nice big hole in the throttle.


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